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Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine

Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine
Model: LS-200
Trademark: Luosheng
Unit: Set
Origin: Shanghai,China
Min order: 1
Packing: Wooden Case
Product Description:
This machine is suitable for automatically packing regular hard boxes with transparent Film in outer surface, widely applied to medicines, food, health products, cosmetics, stationery, audiovisual products and chemistry industries such as cigarettes, mosquito-repellent incense, poker, box-shaped VCD, tape. It is very easy to operate and maintain, featuring going down film steplessly, sealing firmly by pneumatic drive, operating stably. It functions as automatically single packing or strip and box-shaped packing, pushing boxes, folding, heat sealing, packing, counting and automatically cementing anti-forging line.

Packaging Material

PVC, BOPP film,anti-forging gold line.

Technique parameter:
Packing Speed

40-120 Boxes/minute

Packing Dimension(mm)

L50-200  W30-150  H8-45

Total Power



220V  50Hz

Air Pressure




Dimension For Main Machine(mm)


Dimension For Transmitting(mm)



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