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Sharpener sleeve packing machine

Sharpener sleeve packing machine
Model: XPC-60A-F
Unit: Set
Origin: Shanghai,China
Min order: 1
Packing: Wooden case
Transportation: Container Freight & International Multimodal Transport
Payment: L/C
Product Description:
XPC-60F is Sharpener Paper Sleeve Packing Machine ,it is customer-made for packing Sharpener. This kind machine is widely applied in the single pack-age of all kinds of small box articles with paper in the trades of stationery, food, health products and medicine such as outer package of eraser; Solid glue, candy, small soap and knife.

Sharpener paper sleeve packing machine is researched and developed by our professional technicians, which create first in China. It features simple manipulation, convenient use, adjustable packing machine, stable operation, firm and beautiful sealing and high efficient. When changing package of different dimension of products, only need to replace few spares. Mean-while.

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